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Student Diaries - Page 3

PADI Open Water Diver


Name(s): Jihyoung Shin PADI Open Water Diver Jihyoung Shin in Phuket, Thailand
From: Busan, South Korea
Date: 18-20 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Hyun Sup Lee
Student comments:   Hans (my instructor) is very good skill and I got from him good experience to dive. Thank you Hans

Dive sites are beautiful, all good experiences

Instructor comments:   She felt so tired on the first day & second day of her open water course. I knew that it's hard work, especially for girl doing open water course in 3 days. So on the liveaboard I gave her more time to relax and put some fun dives between training dives, then she was ok and happy.

Name(s): Soon Chee PADI Open Water Diver Soon Chee in Phuket, Thailand
From: Beijing, China
Date: 29-30 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   Thoroughly enjoyable. Life changing, satisfying. Sometimes demanding accelerated course - conducted with great professional - often fun but sometimes tough.

The dive sites were of good standard especially Koh Racha Yai.

Happy to fulfill a life time ambition

Instructor comments:   Soon, my student had the greatest time ever .The 2 days course he enjoyed it a great deal, as well as me, the problems he had he overcame them by relaxing and concentrating on his last day. He did extremely well. He was very happy he passed the course.

Name(s): Erythrina Putranti PADI Open Water Diver Erythrina Putranti in Phuket, Thailand
From: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Date: 6-8 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   The course was great. Tony was a very patient instructor, encouraging, supportive and professional.

Instructor comments:   Anita was a great student. She had a few problems i.e.: being cold and a little nervous when in open water but once Anita had done the skills, she relaxed and enjoyed the dives. I was happy Anita passed.

Name(s): Ishan Parikh PADI Open Water Diver Ishan Parikh in Phuket, Thailand
From: Bangalore, India
Date: 23-25 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   The 3 days course was very busy and action packed. Dive The World had a great instructor (Tony) who was very patient and encouraging. We were both fans of Manchester United so we bonded very well. Tony took great care of me in every dive ensuring I don't become over enthusiastic. I was under constant 1 on 1 supervision and that gave my dad a lot of reassurance.

On my second day in to the course I dive at Racha Yai. Since I had dived in Lakshdwep before I felt that Racha Yai did not quite measure up to my expectation. However my second day I was thrilled to see 2 leopard sharks and was thrilled to see thousand of little fish at Koh Doc Mai. I also saw jelly fish, barracuda and beautiful corals. I was a little disappointed to see that they were only monochromatic corals and not like what I have seen on discovery channel.

Over all the 3 days of diving and learning and successful completion are memories I am always going to cherish. I hope I can stay (in touch?) with Tony all my life and would love to dive with him again. I would like to thanks Diego and his team at Dive The World.

Instructor comments:   Ishan has just turned 11 years old. However the little man was a joy to teach. His attention to detail is way beyond his years. The only problem he had was breathing techniques, he soon overcome this by relaxing. He's an excellent student. I might note that never stopped asking me underwater how much air I had left?

Name(s): Mahmoud H Langawi PADI Open Water Diver Mahmoud H Langawi in Phuket, Thailand
From: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Date: 12-14 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   The course covered all the skills; the illustration and explanation were good. The instructor is well knowledge about the diving and has great technique to teach. Breathing technique overcome by the time and confident supported by instructor help in make me calm.

I saw different kind of fish, corals. The dive sites were alright but visibility was not bad due to windy weather.

All in the entire course were enjoyable and hope to take advanced course in the future.

Instructor comments:   Mahmoud, at first was quite nervous but he soon overcame the problem. Once in open water his skills were very good. He became relaxed and he dived very comfortably.

Name(s): Jialong Liu PADI Open Water Diver Jialong Liu in Phuket, Thailand
From: Singapore
Date: 15-17 January 2009
PADI Instructor: Mark Robinson
Student comments:   Great dive experience, instructor was patient and encouraging. Problems were minimal & easily resolve under instructor's guidance

Racha Yai has more corals & fish than Racha Noi. Visibility wasn't as good as expected but still a great experience overall. Saw a lots of fish include lion fish, moray eel and lobster.

Instructor comments:   Jialong is good student. Very easy and relaxed during the course.

Name(s): Charlotte Akerlund PADI Open Water Diver Charlotte Akerlund in Phuket, Thailand
From: Almhult, Sweden
Date: 31-2 March 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   Probably the most fun thing I have ever done! Very competent instructor who explained calmly and let everything take its time, which was great. It makes learning easy and fun. My 2 main difficulties were the weight belt and flooding the mask. Mask problem overcome by taking it slowly and at shallow depth.

Turtle and moray eel!! Great dive sites with plenty to see, but as I never done this before I would think anything was great as I have nothing to compare with, but I loved it!

I am very happy with this course, with the sites as well as with instructor. Perfect days!

Instructor comments:   On the course, Charlotte really enjoyed it. Nice and calm and we dropped weights from 5 to 4 kg. Really nice students and I enjoyed teaching both of them the open water course.

Name(s): Shannon M Ross PADI Scuba Diver Shannon M Ross in Phuket, Thailand
From: Canada
Date: 13-15 February 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   As I am not comfortable in water, course was too quick for me. Instructor was excellent and let me study on my own pace and I completed the Scuba Diver Course instead.

Lots of fish


Instructor comments:   At first Shannon was very nervous, The 3 days course was too busy for her, we then did a 4 day course instead, I got her completed as a Scuba Diver and she loved every minute of it.

Name(s): Mark T Bolin PADI Open Water Diver Mark T Bolin in Phuket, Thailand
From: West Virginia, USA
Date: 15-17 March 2009
PADI Instructor: Tony Loughlin
Student comments:   Tony was very easy to follow and clear about what he expects. This attribute made this a fun course and easy to follow along. As an instructor for the military and police I have to give Tony high marks across the board for his teaching skills.

Rock fish, Moray eel, Pipe Fish, Shrimp, Turtle, clear water and warm.

Instructor comments:   Mark had no trouble with any skills, he performed them to a very high standard. His buoyancy was first class and his air consumption very good too. I'm looking forward to his advanced course in the next few days.

Name(s): Lijun Qiu PADI Open Water Diver Lijun Qiu in Phuket, Thailand
From: Beijing, China
Date: 19-21 March 2009
PADI Instructor: Jean Brice Garito
Student comments:   Course was good in all. Instructor was awesome, sweet and good looking. No problem at all.

There was a site that was difficult (Koh Doc Mai) the other was totally fun and nice.

Thank you for great holiday.

Instructor comments:   Good student , self educated. Koh Doc Mai is tricky for Open Water dive 2 but gives a good experience.